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Our values: Welcome
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Our values

Experienced care staff agency in the North East. 

We are a business based upon Christian Principles, although we do not discriminate on the grounds of religion.


Our staff believe in the sacred value of all human life. We are committed to caring with compassion.


We use our profits to support various local and global charities:

  • Christians against poverty.

  • Redcar Area food bank

  • Compassion (Child sponsorship programme) - we support 39 sponsored children worldwide

  • A21, (Human trafficking and slavery)

  • Zoe's Place (Children's Hospice)

  • TLG (Transforming lives for good)


As an organisation we believe in valuing our staff and clients and aim for our services to be of the highest quality.

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For professional nursing and care agency services, call on 01642 495729

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